– All European Union with exception of Belgium, France and Italy.
For Belgium, France and Italy please check our retailers.

– North America: USA and Canada
– Hong Kong
– Japan
– Thailand
– Vietnam

– Free shipping on European
– We ship all orders within the European Union with DHL Express
– Estimated time for delivery up to 2 business days

– 25 Euros shipping
– Orders ship with DHL
– Estimated time for delivery up to 5 business days. Unexpected and uncontrollable delays incurred by e.g.: holidays, customs, etc. will not result in a refund of express shipping cost.
– Shipping from Monday to Friday (except holiday days).

Please be aware that delays can occur due to local customs and that we aren’t able to speed up this process. 

If you suspect that your parcel is being delayed, please send us an e-mail at [email protected].

Please note that we are not able to form a formal complaint to DHL or other Carrier until the parcel is 3 or more weeks delayed and / or tracking hasn’t been updated for 6 days. 

If a parcel has been lost, DHL own the right to allow 3 months from complaint date before a refund is being made while conducting the investigation.


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