VAVA’s keen interest in body in motion is in the origin its new SPORTS LINE that seeks to foster a dialogue between crafts and high tech. Our first range of leisure and sport products has set new creative standards.

The Nylon series blends fashion and sports into an iconic collection of 3D printed eyewear.

The design freedom offered by this technology allows for advanced functional and stylistic features that are all about switching from fashionable to sporty looks in no time.
VAVA’s new line of modular eyewear allows tailoring the frame to the wearer’s personal silhouette. Its dynamic design enables shade changes from high fashion to avant-garde sportive looks. Optional windshields are easily affixed to protect eyes from wind and particles. A head-hugging hinge, improves stability during exercise.

  • Nylon particles are selectively bound together using laser technology, building our frames layer by layer, a technique that uses only the minimum material required. A molecular-like
  • Luxura Finishing gives a warm and natural feeling, attuned to human skin.
  • Porous-molecular material with natural feel
  • Super lightweight material
  • Superior flexibility and impact resistance
  • Solid shape memory
  • Highly elastic
  • High durability

VAVA is unique in that it only uses flat lenses across all range. Made in Italy by Carl Zeiss Vision, polyamide lenses are designed to deliver optimal visual precision and clarity to maximize performance. All lenses comply with the latest REACH regulation and certification ISO 12312-1:2013 for sports.

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