With art direction and storytelling by Creative Director Pedro da Silva, the new VAVA campaign captures the pioneer spirit, Techno Crafted eyewear to enable pioneers to discover the unexplored. The photo-shooting campaign was made by the Fashion and Nude Photographer, based in Porto, André Brito, and filmed by videographer and film director César Augusto.

Very much in line with what the art & crafts movement stood for, at VAVA we embrace techno-crafts as a means to open up new perceptions in eyewear that emphasizes this new century. 

In VAVA’s hands, craft is modernized in a minimal way with the aid of cutting-edge and sustainable technology. Some of the most persistent influences on VAVA’s work are revolutionary technologies, especially mechanics, electronic, and digital; the rituals and emblems of modern culture, as well as futuristic visions of cyberspace.

VAVA seeks to foster a dialogue between crafts and high-tech, using the most advanced technologies. A techno-crafted product that, at same time, embodies the experience, knowledge and art of the great masters of handmade eyewear. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, Italian craft and contemporary design principles, VAVA is creating frames that are both performant and precious. This approach, combined with the use of the highest quality materials, is what makes our brand unique.

Conscious high-tech materials:

  • Mazzucchelli Eco-Friendly M49 Acetate, Biodegradable and 100% Recyclable.                                           
  • Barberini Crystal Lenses, 100% Recyclable, produced in Italy in Zero-Waste plants.
  • Ecological Aluminum, 100% Recyclable.

VAVA is produced at a family-owned Italian factory, located in the province of Treviso, UNESCO heritage site.


The term techno craft is used in this journal to refer to objects and their manufacturing as techno cultural artefacts. The maker of techno-craft engages with the latest technical processes, applying them to the customary practices of the craft production that embodies the art of the Italian masters of handmade eyewear.

In times of anxiety about our ecosystems, VAVA designs for a conscious future, a world of high-tech solutions that leverages all the possibilities of technology to make zero waste and environmental consciousness possible. A post-industrial world of techno-craftsmanship.

Technology continues to captive us, translating the imaginings of science fiction into reality and reconfiguring the boundaries between function and fantasy.



Video by César Augusto |

Photography by André Brito |

Sound Design by Ricky Cross | @ricky_cross_vc

Models Sandra Martins, Frederico Spina

Fashion Stylist Nelson Vieira |

Make Up Artist Tinoca | @tinocamakeup

Hair-Stylist Edgar Venâncio | @edgarvenanciohairstylist

Production by VAVA
Creative Director Pedro Silva
Assistant Judite Agra


Special Thanks 


WrongWeather |

Hugo Costa |



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