VAVA is proud to present the Summer 2022 collection SPEED | SLEEP which homes in on a theme that touches a nerve in modern society: we save time in order to gain time.

The avant-garde of acceleration has always existed alongside an avant-garde of deceleration, which sets out to explore the dynamics of silence (soundless) and the essence of existence.

The starting point of this collection was an exploration of the counterpoint states of SPEED and SLEEP, aiming to turn the spotlight on one of the most pressing concerns of our age. This journal creates space and time for reflection – which after all, is what our society most lacks.

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What does SLEEP mean for Pedro da Silva, VAVA’s Founder and Creative Director?

For me, SLEEP means deceleration and if I was always in this mode, I would have refused to write this text, I would not have designed this collection, I would not have accepted a spontaneous invitation to attend to an exhibition, or, when things are “tight”, I would not have time to solve all the creative and challenging hurdles I face as a startup founder. If I was permanently in a state of SLEEP, I could not make it to any of the five international shows we create annually, I would have stopped inviting collaborations with artists I admire and I would not have planned to open a new office in Porto. Maybe I would have even quit going swimming twice a week and so on. Do I want that?

On the other hand, I also think deceleration is indispensable. All of us need peace and quiet to enable an idea or new concept to take shape. Therefore, deceleration is also part of the translation of the term “luxury”. Luxury, this precious commodity, can also be the permission to take a break: to observe, to enquire, to admire. Deceleration is also taking the time to build a luxury product that lasts a lifetime, ensuring that everything meets the threshold of being of the utmost quality. 

But hardly any thought can become tangible without SPEED.  Deceleration and acceleration are therefore equally indispensable components of my work.


Campaign Photography André Brito | andrebrito.com

Models Ostap Chumichev, Anastasiia Liundrynska | Best Models
Models Darina Toropova, Fábio Tavares | We Are Models
Fashion Stylist Nelson Vieira | nelson-vieira.com
Fashion Stylist Assistants Hugo Barros, Sandra Mendes
Make-up Stylist Tinoca | @tinocamakeup
Hair Stylist Zé Carlos Taipa | @zecarlostaipa

Still-Life Photography Helder Bento | [email protected]

Creative Direction by VAVA

Special Thanks
THE Design | thedesign.pt
WrongWeather | wrongweather.net
AHCOR | @ahcor_lab
Estelita Mendonça | estelitamendonca.com
Hugo Costa | @hugo_costa_label
DAVII | @daviiofficiel


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