Artwork: Kathrin Kuhn – Berlin based Artist


The present is real, the future is a vision.
VAVA is a vision of the future inspired by the post-industrial world and the vision of Detroit’s Techno Future, with its belief in the post-human age.

VAVA imagines a future between two contrasting extremes, black and white
White future is simplicity, cleanness and purity. Black future is darkness, decay and underground.

White is Black and Black is White.

A gleaming white plastic, antiseptic future is a dark vision and a warning that technology will de-humanize society.
In this vision the lines between human and machine will become blurred, humans will become incapable of exhibiting emotions, machines will become increasingly human.
In the dark, grimy world of the Black future human society must utilize technology to rise up and oppose oppressive, authoritarian power to save the biosphere.

Within these borders the future reality lies.